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The Kingfisher is a long time symbol of peace and love.
It is the promise of abundance and prosperity that is about to unfold within your life

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My Story


As you can see, I have a beautiful little family, and we face all of life’s challenges like everyone else.

Going through the coaching journey has completely changed my life as well as my relationships with my husband, children and all those around me. My life, from a young age, was full of difficulties but through this self-exploration process I have managed to overcome my limiting beliefs, doubts, fears and circumstances that previously held me back from reaching my fullest potential.

Coaching and helping people find their true self is my passion and life’s purpose. 

Guiding them to reach their dreams and living a life of happiness, fulfillment and success gives me a sense of great achievement. 

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life… 

Are you struggling to balance being a good parent while also getting your own needs met…                           

Do you sometimes feel stuck in life but don’t know how to get un-stuck…  

Do you know what it means to be genuinely happy & achieve your goals…

The programs I offer are molded around the individual needs of each client.                                                       

Through the coaching process, I use my skills, knowledge and groundbreaking techniques to tap into your subconscious, changing your perceptions on life, seek your inner power and creating a unique action plan to move forward and achieve these goals.                                                                                                                                                     

I have been coaching for the past 10 years and have extensive experience working with children and families.

I am able to coach from a perspective of personal experience as I myself have dealt with much trauma, difficult emotional challenges as well as victories in my life.                                                                                                                

 My coaching is unlimited and covers the following areas:

  • Child & young adult coaching

  • Parental & family coaching

  • Relationship coaching

  • Personal coaching

  • Executive coaching

My qualifications are as follows:

  • Life Coach Practitioner

  • Master NeuroCoach

  • mBIT Coach

  • Gordon Training International (Communications & Human Behaviour)

  • Gordon Training International (P.E.T)

  • Gordon Training International (Y.E.T)

  • Gordon Training International (T.E.T)

  • Gordon Training International (B.Y.B)

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My Story

Change your Life today with......

Happy Children

Child Coaching

Coaching children from the age of 5 years upwards. Assist in coping with trauma, feeling overwhelmed, struggling with insecurities, managing bullying. Equipping them with the tools to effectively manage themselves so that they can excel and successfully handle anything that life throws at them


“It is not who you know that matters, but how well you know yourself.” – Solvei Fagas

I look forward to you allowing me the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in your life.

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Relationship Coaching

Getting a better understanding of each other’s needs, How to deal with conflict in a positive & effective manor so that the relationship can be strengthened and positively experienced to the fullest on every level. Relationship Coaching is not only for couples, individuals can be coached separately.
A relationship can be healed by healing yourself from within.

Personal Coaching

Getting a better understanding of your own needs and motivations. How to be more assertive in attaining what you want & deserve in life. Goal setting & putting plans in motion to achieve desired outcomes. Free yourself of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential and true self.

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Business and Executive Coaching

​Increases productivity up to 86% Getting everyone to work together, complimenting and feeding off each other’s strengths to create positive change within the company

  • Senior Management Coaching

  • Management Coaching

  • Group & Individual Coaching

  • Stress & Anger Management Coaching

Motivational Speaker

Motivational and Key Note Speaking on a variety of topics. Customized to suit your specific requirements and are interactive for maximum effectiveness.

Full power points available.

  • Conferences

  • Team Building

  • Schools for Department Heads, Teachers and Students

What people are saying about me......

Lezanne Claasens

Solvei is very approachable; she cares about the subject, is very enthusiastic and has a way of passing on knowledge easily.  She is very passionate about what she does and has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome to share. She passes no judgment but manages to help us figure things out for ourselves. She truly is a master at what she does. I found this course very valuable, probably the most worthwhile course I have every attended. It relates to all aspects of my life. Thank you for making a difference in my world.

 Irene De Gouveia



I appreciate most being taught how to express my own feelings without hurting someone else’s. I feel so blessed for my sessions with Solvei, and being free to express myself.  A big thank you for sharing these amazing skills with me so that I can pass them on to my children.  It was an enriching learning experience.

Adele Van Reenen



Solvei has a very natural and composed coaching style. She immerses herself completely in the sessions and is very confident and knowledgeable. She is passionate about what she does and this is clearly evident in the way she is present in the moment and focuses intently on the coachee. Solvei is a great coach and is sure to facilitate great results in her coaching sessions.

Jolene Van Wyk



I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. I love your coaching style, you made me feel so relaxed. You are kind, gentle and tough when it's required. You really helped me explore some pressing issues and come up with my own solutions to getting past these issues.

Thank you so much!     

Briony Liber



It was such a privilege to meet you, - I really enjoyed your directness, your humour, and your honesty combined with your heartfelt way of coaching.

“Solvei I want to thank you really, truly and deeply for the masterful way in which you coached me recently. I was stuck, unable to make some decisions and your coaching approach and intuition on how to get to the essence of what was blocking me, very quickly helped me find alignment between my heart, head and gut in a way that I have never experienced before. 

I truly feel I have connected to what I want, clarity on what actions I need to take, and the courage to take those actions. Keep doing what you are doing - you are great at it!”

Jan Niemand



Solvei is a coach who builds excellent rapport with her clients and who is able to communicate effectively to a wide variety of people.  She has the ability to understand the coaching relationship well beyond merely “reaching goals” but builds long-lasting relationships which benefit clients immensely. 

All we can say is, watch this space!

Leonie Stanley



Solvei, I would like to express my gratitude to you, for the time we spent together in our mBIT sessions. You manged to build and maintain rapport, and navigated me in such a gentle manner - with all my emotions through this session to explore and ultimately find my own values and worth.  I have not been the same person since….. Although life still happens – and similar thoughts pop up – am I know more aware and in control of my emotions than ever before.

You are certainly destined to help others – You are a very knowledgeable and experienced Coach and I will certainly refer my family and friends to you in future.

This was a life changing event for me and I will forever be grateful for meeting Solvei, even though it was only a couple of hours, you cannot put a price on the value received!”

Hermine Van Der Merwe



In order to grow and affect positive change, a person must first be willing to change. But change is difficult, it may be painful, uncomfortable  and confusing. 

Yet change is the only constant in life. Receiving guidance from a empathetic, knowledgeable person can turn a difficult experience into an opportunity to thrive. 

Solvei Fargas is an incredible life coach who meets the person where they are at in their journey. She creates a safe space encouraging you to reconnect with yourself at your own pace. She provides practical skills and feedback in a relatable way that leaves you feeling empowered and capable of doing the difficult work of implementing real changes in order to become the best version of yourself. 

At a time in history when the world as a whole is upside down, mental health and self care has become more important than ever. That is why I would recommend anyone who feels alone, anxious or unsure to spend some time with Solvei because the best way to get to future you want is to build it. 

Parental / Family Coaching

Dealing with struggles within the family unit to create more harmony & better understanding amongst each other so that everyone can enjoy positive interactions. As a parent, having effective tools to improve & open up communications between you and your child. This creates a safe emotional environment where your child can flourish without judgement & criticism.

Coaching Services
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Relationship Coaching
Personal Coaching
Business/Executive Coaching
Motivational Speaker
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